$20 AV Pro Hero

It’s now clear.  The previously reported best case scenario of 2.5 to 3% economic growth for 2015 is fading as a classic cowboy western movie sunset.  First half 2015 numbers are not good.  I’ll skip the sorry data.  The result is customers still have less to spend on wants.  Yet, they still want better audio and video.  It’s time to saddle up, put on your white cowboy hero hat, seek solutions they can still afford, and save the world from poor fidelity.

For example; Consider this $20 band-aid alternative to the ‘big-box’ sound bar.  Decent sounding ‘bars’ approach $1000.  Lower priced models sound horrible.  However, if a classic analog audio system is sitting next to your customer’s HDTV; install this crazy-cheap $8.60 digital-to-analog converter into the TV’s digital output.  Then hook it up to the analog input of the old stereo or home theater receiver.  Put a $20 price tag on the device. The result is an experience that is more fun than a sound bar or typical theater-in-a-box.  Simply select this link to purchase the Portta PETDTAP Digital Coax and Optical Toslink to Analog Audio Converter  (Note: Buy 2 to back up a possible DOA incident)

Now, while you’re still standing in your customer’s home, pick up their remotes.  Confirm all is working.  Check the cabling.  Consider the number of HD cable boxes you have found connected via the composite video path.  They’re still out there.  Check the menu settings of each component.  If it’s a surround sound system, pull out your SPL meter and set the speaker levels.  And above all, initiate a conversation about potential future upgrades.  You are now their AV Pro Hero for $20 and a house call.  They may even hand you a decent bottle of wine.

I can already hear the dissenting groans; “Yeah Ed, but how do make money on a $20 sale?”.  The answer is; You don’t.  Book the visit as a promotional expense.  You make money on the sales that follow.  This is how an AV Pro beats the ‘big-box’ and on-line types.  All you need to add is your very own white cowboy hat.

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