A Message for Glendon

Change can lead to opportunity. Change can be scary. Folks come, folks go. Yes indeed, and another AV company has left the scene. This company’s history dates back to 1980. The company was Novidor & Firestone. Many had the good fortune to do business with Novidor & Firestone. Many of us had the better fortune to have know them; in particular Glendon O’Brien.

I will miss Novidor & Firestone and their Electronic Stockroom. Luckily we won’t have to miss Glen. Glen has started a new company with his partner John Bolin. Their new company is Media Delivery Strategies. And I know they will deliver.

That’s how this world works. We survive the rough patches, only to find a new path. The good news: We can still count on Glen’s professionalism, honesty, good humor, and his better karma.

Glendon, I will see you on the AV trail.
Your friend, Ed Avalos
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