A New and Improved Plan

2013 was a good year for my website and blog.  Visits to Ed’s AV Handbook  increased 93% increase.  This success was due to your clicks and referrals. Your clicks on my advertiser’s messages paid for the site.  Your referrals built an audience for Ed’s AV Handbook.  That’s how this works.  Thank you.

2014 will offer new opportunity.   But it will still include a stagnant economy with new impeding taxes, fees, and regulations.  Opportunity lays in the shadows and cracks of what’s left.  This will force more of us to become even more creative.  But opportunity still exists.

What’s left may change strategic thinking.  Tactically you can still sell to less and less folks. You just have to sell them more or higher margin stuff while lowering your cost.  But this has a strategic limit.  At some point it takes more than a new game plan to survive.  It takes a new game.  You may be experiencing the same thought pattern.

In my case, I have joined a friend in a new venture. We aim to carve out a new niche in an old market.  This project still involves electronics and our sales skills.  But it avoids our long association with audio and video.

Our prototype has received a great response.  Prospects want to buy it at our proposed price.  A head count of potential customers has convinced us that this opportunity is a ‘no brain-er’.  We may even need help to cover the market.

What does this new project mean for Ed’s AV Handbook?  I have invested four decades into the audio and video world.  It’s just too much fun to walk away from.  Therefore my website will continue.   However, I may seek others to contribute their views to the blog or add new content to the website.  Please contact me if you’re interested in ‘Saving the World from Poor Fidelity”.  Sink or swim, that’s my game plan for 2014.

Visit my website @ s318701256.onlinehome.us

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