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  • Ed’s Class D Economic Forecast

    The Great Recession’ (generated by the 2007/2008 financial collapse) officially ended in the summer of 2009. That was good. Since then, ‘the media’ has continued to report that ‘The Recovery’ (from the collapse) is also materializing. That’s good too. So why are you still holding on for your business life? You are because ‘The Recovery’ […]

  • Adventures in AV-land Part 2: Wipe out the noise

    My previous blog navigated an old car audio experience into illustrating why car audio is not car stereo as it ultimately morphed into another Ed’s AV Handbook ‘Saving the world from poor fidelity’ sermon. It concluded with a request. I asked AV professionals to expand their understanding of the word aesthetic to include sound. Too […]

  • Adventures in AV-land Part 1

    In an early adventure as a sales rep in the eighth decade of the last century, I carried a briefcase of product lines that included car audio. It was customary to refer to ‘car audio’ as ‘car stereo’. I resisted that convention. I still do. Legitimate stereophonic audio is an unobtainable goal in a car. […]

  • A Message for Glendon

    Change can lead to opportunity. Change can be scary. Folks come, folks go. Yes indeed, and another AV company has left the scene. This company’s history dates back to 1980. The company was Novidor & Firestone. Many had the good fortune to do business with Novidor & Firestone. Many of us had the better fortune […]

  • A New and Improved Plan

    2013 was a good year for my website and blog.  Visits to Ed’s AV Handbook  increased 93% increase.  This success was due to your clicks and referrals. Your clicks on my advertiser’s messages paid for the site.  Your referrals built an audience for Ed’s AV Handbook.  That’s how this works.  Thank you. 2014 will offer […]

  • I Am A Salesman

    I am a salesman. I am not a sales associate. I am not an agent, broker, consultant, product ambassador, customer advocate or any other possible pseudonym, alias, stage name, handle, or nom de plume that a human resource department can create. I might accept the term peddler.  It projects an old world image that can […]

  • Not Invented There

    The phrase “not invented here” was recently invoked by a friend.  He used the expression to criticize the reluctance of many Americans to accept a Western European solution to an American problem.  In this case he cited health care.  Is this reluctance rational?  Yes it is. I embrace this reluctance.  It’s a grip on the […]

  • The Bully

    Stories about bullies seem to reappear on a cyclical basis. Local TV news generally pictures a trembling child, partnered with a dialog of half-witted solutions such as, “We just need to improve our communication with the misunderstood bully”. Some even suggest that fault lies with an unjust society and the victim. This was not always […]

  • Panasonic Responds?

    Panasonic did not implement my plan for P.I.S.T. TV.  If you’re unaware of this epic plan, please refer to my previous blog P.I.S.T. TV.  According to the press, Panasonic will instead pull the plug on plasma TV production.  Can you even begin to measure my surprise?  How could such a large corporation ignore me and […]

  • P.I.S.T. TV

          Television is an odd commodity.  The best sells for less than the less-than-best.  A better picture is trumped by 75¢ of monthly energy savings, not-so-smart apps, questionably better  performance in direct sun light, and a slimmer bezel.  In addition, television’s even slimmer profits have amplified the economic woe of capsizing consumer electronic retailers and […]

  • Ray Davies

    My son William took his old man to a Ray Davies concert at the Uptown Theater in Napa, California.  That’s Ray Davies as in the Kinks.  Any conversation regarding great British bands such as the Stones, the Beatles, the Who, the Faces, should also include the Kinks. I saw the Kinks at the Santa Monica […]

  • Where have all my AV friends gone?

    “Where have all my AV friends gone?  Long time passing.  Where have all the customers gone?  Long time ago.  When will they ever return?  When will they return?” Another AV shop has closed their door forever.  It was a special place for customers and those who worked there.  Together they were members of a cutting […]

  • 4K BluRay, What?

    Sony has released a $249 4K BluRay player.  Initially I was surprised and confused by the news.  Then my ‘hype-antenna’ got flagged.  What is 4K BluRay?  Before I address the hype-flag, let’s examine the 4K in the player’s description.   (Note: K = 1000) The 4K refers to horizontal resolution; the number of pixels that make […]

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Thank You      2011 was a record year for, thank you. My primary objective was to reach 10,000 website visitors: Mission accomplished. In addition to maintaining this trend, my goals for 2012 now include: Increase visitor feedback Increase website revenue       With regards to my first goal; I am inviting visitors to email AV […]

  • When this battle is over, Who will wear the crown?

         A friend recently said to me, “Ed, it’s not all doom and gloom”.  He was referring to my negative comments regarding our economic climate.  He’s right.  And there’s still business to be had.      Indeed, but there are still too many dealers chasing fewer and fewer customers.  The MediaPost’s blog, ‘Engage:Affulent’, posted a story […]

  • Mis-mixed Audio Concepts

         The following quote is a negative response to my criticism of using active equalization in a high fidelity audio system.  It’s from an audio engineer of impressive credentials.   His his remarks were written in a comment area at      He stated, ““If audiophiles were able to actually view the results of EQ…… on […]