I Am A Salesman

I am a salesman. I am not a sales associate. I am not an agent, broker, consultant, product ambassador, customer advocate or any other possible pseudonym, alias, stage name, handle, or nom de plume that a human resource department can create. I might accept the term peddler.  It projects an old world image that can induce a bit of humility which may keep my hat size in line. I will also accept salesperson if you suffer from gender-neutral-title-phobia.

As a salesman, I am offended by those who have stained the reputation of good salesmen and saleswomen. I am speaking of the fraudulent deceiving looting pirates that prowl our landscape. They suffer from a lazy mind. They swindle, hustle, and steal to avoid the work of professional preparation and performance. They create confusion and chaos to obscure their ignorance and/or devious intentions. They lie and cheat to win.

Professional sales folks offer an honest hand shake. Much as a ‘shrink’ or old world journalist, they ask and probe with targeted relevant questions. They sincerely listen and observe non-verbal responses. Then they delve into their reservoir of qualified knowledge to forge a solution for their customer. Unlike a lying politician; if a real salesperson says, “If you like your ( …fill in the blank… ) you can keep it, PERIOD. Then you can. This is a profound distinction.  Good salespeople can be trusted.

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