It’s a good year for custom AV

Custom AV is in good shape.

Home theater system sales have spiked.
Nearly half of all installations include multiroom distribution
with 4 zones, 8 loudspeakers, which included an outdoor zone.

Outdoor Speaker System | Have more fun.
Outdoor backyard audio issues are similar to an outdoor concert.
The lack of reinforcement from indoor boundaries significantly decreases the decibel level.  Simply raising the volume can overdrive speakers, create harsh sound.

If the speakers can handle it, doubling the db level requires nearly
10 times the power.  That’s expensive.  Doubling the db level is achieved, at a lower cost, by doubling the number of speakers.
Then add a decent stout reasonably-priced amplifier.  The additional speakers deliver dynamic warmer sound even at a moderate lower volume.

Home Theater & Multiroom | Add the SandTrap
The in-wall or in-ceiling speaker is the solution for many installations.
However, speakers mounted in sheetrock create harsh sound and decrease in decibel level.  Rescue the system performance.
Add the SandTrap.  It revives the performance customers paid for.

More Money | Give them what they paid for.
Customers paid for better.  Better costs more.
Conservatively given at least 2 indoor zones plus 4 speakers in the home theater system, this adds up to at least 6 SandTrap reinforced speakers.

At $69.99 per SandTrap + $20/speaker additional labor,
that adds about $540.00 to each job.

The result sounds better.
That’s what customers paid for.

Captain Ed

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