Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thank You

     2011 was a record year for, thank you. My primary objective was to reach 10,000 website visitors: Mission accomplished. In addition to maintaining this trend, my goals for 2012 now include:

  • Increase visitor feedback
  • Increase website revenue

      With regards to my first goal; I am inviting visitors to email AV questions to me: .  I want AV novices in particular to take me up on this offer. AV veterans are surely welcomed. However vets may need to grant me more time to respond. I may have to access my network of AV associates to answer the more challenging questions. This is a free offer. Fill up my ‘in box’ in 2012.

      My second goal: Funding for my website is derived from the advertisers seen on my web pages. Please give them your consideration. If you find a message of interest, click the ad. You will be directed to their websites. Your clicks keep ‘on the air’.

      It appears the new year will be yet another rough year for our business. In addition to the weak housing market, government run a muck, the Euro on the ropes, inflation, and continued high unemployment; a tsunami of negative presidential campaigning is about to unleash. Presidential elections, even in better times, are bad for business. This environment demands that we continue to be creative while keeping up with AV trends. My website blog portal page offers links to stories that will impact the new year. Here is a sampling.

      4K HDTV, though lacking source material, was launched with Sony’s recent introduction of a 4K projector. In addition, Sharp has introduced a 55 inch 4K LCD TV in Japan. AV pros are also discussing QFHD or Faux K. What is 4K, QFHD, and Faux K? Check the links on my website blog portal page.

      Here is another story that will impact 2012. Panasonic is cutting its plasma TV production by almost 50%. Samsung and LG produce plasma panels, but Panasonic is a huge source. What does this mean for better color performance if plasma becomes scarce? The answer may lie in Quantum Dot based TVs. The ‘Dots’ may appear by the end of 2012. What is a Quantum Dot? Check out the ‘Dot’ links at my website blog portal page.

      A story of audio interest was reported in The CD format will be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012. Ironically the LP is still alive & well. (Analog forever!) Will audio only Blu-Ray, digital downloads, or storage in the ‘cloud’ replace the CD?

      How significant is better audio in our smart-phone-tablet-video-centric business? Well, manufactures of laptop computers may give us a clue. Several PC manufactures are attempting to differentiate their product with the promise of better audio. ASUS features B&O ICE based audio. HP is promoting Beats Audio. I recently saw a laptop offering audio by Harmon Kardon. But PC’s and Mac’s do not offer higher fidelity audio without significant customizing. To that end, recent issues of The Absolute Sound and Stereophile outline how. Pick up a copy if you haven’t yet.

      In a similar trend, the big boxes are also trying to improve their sinking profit margins with audio. For example they are selling boat loads of $300 ‘Dr. Dre-adful’ headphones. I’m holding on to my awesome $70 Grado headphones. The bottom line is AV Pros must take the lead in the arena of better audio.

     Do you remember Shefield ‘direct-to-disc’ recordings of the 1970’s.  Their release of Thelma Houston’s ‘Pressure Cooker’, featuring the cut ‘I’ve Got The Music In Me’, may be the finest recording ever made.  Bill Schnee and Doug Sax, the authors of the recording, are involved in a new project. Check out this link on my blog portal page, Bravua Records.  In particular, their recording featuring the Chuck Findley Horns may be a go-to demo for the 21st century. 

     Finally, take a look at the link about a 130 year old, early 1880’s, OPTICAL recording by Volta Labs.  This was brought to my attention by my wife Joyce.  I am continually amazed by the engineering genius of our audio and video pioneers. 

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