Panasonic Responds?

Panasonic did not implement my plan for P.I.S.T. TV.  If you’re unaware of this epic plan, please refer to my previous blog P.I.S.T. TV.  According to the press, Panasonic will instead pull the plug on plasma TV production.  Can you even begin to measure my surprise?  How could such a large corporation ignore me and my blog?

Panasonic has halted development of next year’s plasma TVs.  Panasonic has failed to sell the best TVs currently available.  They’re dumping fixed assets and property.  On the other hand, maybe they’re just taking my plan to another level.  They could be setting up the launch of high gross profit UltraHD OLED TVs.  The sell-off of assets suggest otherwise.    I must conclude that Panasonic, in a nutshell, has quit.

Frankly, I had not given the option of quitting my sincere consideration.  I tend to avoid thoughts of punting or quitting.  I have confronted similar situations, as friends prompted me to punt or quit, and ‘gone for it on 4th down’ and lost.  But that’s life.  We get up, suit up, and move on.

Although Panasonic ignored my plan, I have now conceded to their strategy.  In that spirit, I am re-considering my options.  I may soon punt on AV.  I am involved in an exciting opportunity that will shift AV from my vocation to an avocation.  You may see a note about this in the near future.

If successful, I will become an AV civilian for the first time since 1972.  Therefore, my blog, website, and Handbook will take a back seat to my new interest.  In that regard, I may seek an AV enthusiast to assist or fold my project into theirs.  I you have any suggestions, please contact me.  The prerequisite for consideration is a desire to ‘Save the World from Poor Fidelity’.

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One response to “Panasonic Responds?”

  1. Poignant entry.
    Even as the professional hi-fi world suffers another loss (you) as it shrinks in these difficult times, keep soldiering on in your spare time.
    When the world is ready to really listen to the music again, they will be so lucky to have you.
    Don’t give up the fight. Saving the world from poor fidelity is a noble cause. There’s always a “Little bit of magic…” in the music they are playing and singing.

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