When this battle is over, Who will wear the crown?

     A friend recently said to me, “Ed, it’s not all doom and gloom”.  He was referring to my negative comments regarding our economic climate.  He’s right.  And there’s still business to be had.

     Indeed, but there are still too many dealers chasing fewer and fewer customers.  The MediaPost’s blog, ‘Engage:Affulent’, posted a story titled ‘Redefining Affluence’.  They reported that consumers in the income bracket of $100,000 to $200,000 are disappearing.  Hey, that’s your customer. If you want their remaining business you will have to take it from the other guy. My friends, you are in a battle of attrition.

      How do you fight this battle? The CI Expo to be held in Berkley California on Wednesday October 5th may offer a clue. The Expo is sponsored by independent Northern California AV distributors and reps. This group includes The Electronic Stockroom, Sierra Select, Redwood Marketing , Custom AV, and others. It’s an alliance of competitors who have stepped up to the plate to work together.

      Competitors working together; This is an idea that may also work for AV dealers. Let’s begin by asking some relevant questions. For example; What resources can we share? Many of you have downsized your staff. Can you share labor on larger projects? You may have expertise in one area, while a friendly competitor has an edge in another. Can you pool that expertise? Many dealers have cut or eliminated promotional activities. Can you share the cost of a local promotion?

      I am only asking questions. This CI Expo may provide some answers. Call your local rep or distributor to register for the Expo today. I hope to see you there.

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