#1 The Next Wave

(1st of 4 parts)

Trade shows, product seminars, and distributor events are primary sources of industry news and first-hand product information.  This year we are limited to virtual events, trade-mags, and web-search.  But virtual doesn’t replace personal meetings with friends and reps. I count on their hands-on experience to separate noise from meaningful information.

The hands-on exchange of information is particularly important this summer.  New channels of distribution and television technology are transforming the AV landscape.

5G cellular networks offer a flood of Internet-based services — street traffic management, video conferencing, Internet of things, augmented and virtual reality, much more — plus easy-access wide-bandwidth wireless AV streaming. 

NextGenTV, based on Internet protocol, provides free over-the-air UHD HDR broadcast plus another access-point to AV streaming. 

UltraHD (UHD) doubles HDTV resolution.  UltraHD-8K doubles UHD resolution.  More significantly, both pave the way for High Dynamic Range (HDR). 

HDR formats have the potential to more than double color gamut.  And HDR’s potential shines on near infinite contrast ratio OLED television, which is evolving into advancing IOLED technology. 

Individually each noted technology is a game-changer.  Collectively, the technologies spearhead a new wave of AV magic and profitable opportunity. 

However, the magic disappears in the wrong interconnect, lack of HDMI 2.1 support, absent video format, and insufficient specification.  At worst no picture.  At best the video downgrades to standard dynamic range. 

This 4 part blog aims to stand-in for a hands-on conversation that initiates a useful discussion among AV pros.

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