Keep Pace

Keeping pace with our industry and technology is essential.  Reliable sources of information and instruction are needed.  We must maintain a solid foundation in the basics of audio and video, which are too often assumed.  More on that soon. 

Primary resources include industry associations, manufacturers, and distributors.  For example, CEDIA offers training at a cost.  Manufacturers and distributors offer free seminars that also include lunch. 

Industry-recognized blogs such as CE Pro and Smart Brief publications are trustworthy choices.  In addition, e-mags such as Home Theater Review, Audioholics, Tech Hive, TV Technology, C/Net, Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, and AVS Forum offer solid insight.

Internet sites such as Wikipedia offer dependable explanations of technologies.  But be wary of opinionated unqualified amateur online sites. 

Now, let’s return to neglected assumed AV basics.  I first recognized this condition long ago while conducting product sales training.  It was visible in the glazed looks and anxious demeanor of many trainees.  The root cause was assuming everyone was on the same playing field of knowledge; they were not.  I witnessed their distress in basic terms such as ‘stereo’ and ‘high fidelity. 

I resolved the problem by adding introductory basics to the sales training, including elementary terms, a sketch of AV physics, plus how stuff works.  The result was eye-opening — more than anticipated.  Recruits and even seasoned staff thanked me. 

My original training outline expanded into a personal binder that included upgraded explanations of AV physics, technology, and related subjects.  Ultimately that binder morphed into this website and blog.  Use them to get new recruits up to speed or to refresh what you already know.  Join my quest to ‘save the world from poor fidelity.

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