Month: July 2021

  • It’s a good year for custom AV

    Custom AV is in good shape. Home theater system sales have spiked. Nearly half of all installations include multiroom distribution with 4 zones, 8 loudspeakers, which included an outdoor zone. Outdoor Speaker System | Have more fun. Outdoor backyard audio issues are similar to an outdoor concert. The lack of reinforcement from indoor boundaries significantly […]

  • Sales & Referrals

    I read a story by a corporate ad agency CEO. He used wordy big-corp price-enhancing vocabulary. For example, he referred to his ad agency as a “demand generation agency.” Yet his ultimate point was valid and relevant. Word-of-mouth, a low-cost-powerful-effective–method, increases sales. It was not news to me.  In 1973 my business mentor declared, […]

  • 8K Magic or Hype?

    The Magic Window Your TV screen is a flat two-dimensional magic window.  Increasing video resolution, expanding color volume, and a faster frame rate extend the magical illusion.  The best magic windows attempt to convince us the window is reality.  Does UHD 8K TV expand the magic window? Pixels At a comfortable viewing distance, it’s hard […]