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I read a story by a corporate CEO.
He used big-corp price-enhancing vocabulary.

For example,
he referred to his ad agency as a “demand generation agency.”
Yet his ultimate point was valid and relevant. Word-of-mouth,
a low-cost-powerful-
effectivemethod, increases sales.

It was not news to me.  In 1973 my business mentor declared,

Satisfied customers are a gold mine. Work this mine again & again.
They will generate new sales plus word-of-mouth referrals.”

With the assistance of my official
SandTrap Audio d
emand generation hat,
may I suggest generating sales and word-of-mouth
with the following?

Find a free date on your installation calendar.
Call a customer.
Set up a FREE house call.
Offer a FREE system check-up and re-calibration.
Return to your calendar and repeat.

Customers love FREE plus ….

House calls lead to questions.
Answers lead to upgrades.
Upgrades improve performance.
• Improved performance creates a happy customer.
• A happy customer generate
s referrals.

May I also suggest the SandTrap as a quick and inexpensive upgrade?
Use it to improve performance, promote your custom expertise,
and make more money.

And refer a custom AV dealer friend to
Captain Ed @

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