8K Magic or Hype?

The Magic Window
Your TV screen is a flat two-dimensional magic window.  Increasing video resolution, expanding color volume, and a faster frame rate extend the magical illusion.  The best magic windows attempt to convince us the window is reality.  Does UHD 8K TV expand the magic window?

At a comfortable viewing distance, it’s hard to see the pixel difference between HDTV and UHD 4K TV.  It’s even harder to see the difference between UHD 4K and UHD 8K.  Of course, this differs with screen size.

HDR + Frame Rate
Current TV screens have nearly achieved Digital Cinema P3 color space.  HDR (high dynamic range) has opened the gateway to the next color goal of reproducing 76% of visible color — CIE REC 2020.  120Hz frame rates have also entered the scene.  120Hz is the portal to virtual and augmented reality.

Real World
How can 8K improve the magic window?
We view the world within an infinite depth of field of visual electromagnetic energy.  Our perception includes an array of physical and psychological elements.

8K Answer
Our perception is the combined result of the left-eye + right-eye + the brain.  Our brain responds to what our eyes do not see.  8K resolution adds near-invisible sensory detail.  The brain interprets broader color volume, faster frame rate, plus increased 8K video resolution, as being closer to that real-world window.  8K  is a valid step toward achieving the ultimate magic window.

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