Peter L. Jensen

Locals and tourists pass by this Napa California sidewalk monument daily. Like many ignored sidewalk/roadside monuments, it marks a historical figure. This concrete and metal fixture pays homage to the history of audio pioneer Peter L. Jensen.

Peter Jensen is much to audio as Henry Ford is to the automobile. I was reminded of his place in audio history when I came across his sidewalk monument.

In 1915, Jensen unveiled and demonstrated his groundbreaking dynamic loudspeaker in front of a crowd of 75,000 San Franciscans. That’s more than the attendance of the 2022 Super Bowl. Peter Jensen secured the dynamic speaker as the technology used in nearly all of our audio systems. Who can lay claim to creating such a successful promotional event today?

As a young audio salesman, I sold cases of Jensen Coax and Triax car audio speakers, unaware of Peter Jensen’s achievements. In time I came to recognize his life’s work.

I will add one last comment. I may have breached an audio enthusiast wall of etiquette. I used the image of Peter Jensen and other audio pioneers to draw attention to my patent-pending SandTrap. If I’m guilty, I hope this spotlight on Peter Jensen’s place in audio history will afford me clemency.

The following links offer the milestone achievements of audio pioneer Peter Jensen.

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