The Mounkes Method

The Mounkes Method is a subject I periodically replay.  If I had to pass only one practical-audio-setup application to friends, this is it.  It is an entry-level audiophile tweak that squeezes more performance without spending a dime.

Many moons ago, my late friend Steve Mounkes introduced me to a simple stereo speaker placement method.  He didn’t invent the placement method, but he religiously applied it.  It was his 1st step toward opening a magical high-fidelity 3-dimensional window.

The Mounkes Method requires a tape measure, calculator, pencil, and notepad.

Start with the tape measure & notepad.
• Create a simple & quick sketch of your floor plan.

Measure the room width.
• Divide the room width by the values 3,5,7, and for larger rooms, 9.
• Measure & mark the results along the room width, from the front left corner.
• Then measure & mark the results from the front right corner.

Measure the room length.
• Divide the room length by the same values.
• Mark these points along the room length from the front left and right corners.

Place the speakers.
• Use the points to create on-the-floor grid lines.
• Observe the coordinates established by the width and length points.
• Select a pair of practical coordinates for your left and right speakers.
• Then, place the listening position in an equilateral triangle with the speakers.

Yeah, that’s it.
The Method is an obvious audible demonstrable step that minimizes the compromise of distorting room mode resonance.  It works for modest mid-fi as well as audiophile systems.  You can expand the Method to include a multichannel surround-sound speaker system setup.
If interested, select this LINK.

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